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Re: Psychogenesis and the VOS

Sep 10, 1996 06:37 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

Richard Ihle
>I think my confidence level about the specific age thresholds could be
>improved quite a bit if someone more knowledgeable in astrology than I am
>could suggest some planetary or other "triggering feature" which might
>operate according to a regular seven-year pattern.  (Know of anything, Ann?)

My first thought is that every individual may have the seven-year cycle  as a
basic human template, but then superimposed over that is their own karmic
storyline.  Their personal transits and progressions may override that basic

Some Uranian transit may have you hit by lightening at age seven, possibly
cutting off the rest of the cycle.  But if you survive with everything intact,
including your memories of the other side, you may possess mystical tendencies
at an early age.

-Ann E. Bermingham

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