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Re: Algeo the Capricorn?

Sep 10, 1996 05:46 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham


> that he had twisted things I had said to him
>in good faith, thinking he was interested in dialogue.  In
>fact, he knew all along that he intended to attack me, lured me
>into discussion, got some things he thought he could use
>against me, then got nasty and cut off communication, and then
>misused and twisted things I had told him trustingly.

I know I'm thrusting myself into the fray here, but for one, John Algeo's Sun is
in Scorpio.  His natal info was once printed in the TSA, but that copy, two
years old, has been discarded.

Though I have had little personal contact with Algeo, I found him charming and
gracious.  But then, I've never been in a political battle with him.  Frankly, I
don't envy his position.  He's caught between the International Society, which
appears to me to be rather conservative, the board of directors and the ES.  On
the other hand, he's also confronted by the dwindling membership and continuing
coverage and uncoverage from the Internet community.  The pressure is on in ways
that have never challenged any TSA president before.  I'm sure there are days
when he'd rather be back in Georgia sipping a mint julep.

This is not plug (or ever had been) for Adyar TS, the boys of TSA, or anything
else.  It is a plea for even-handedness, lest this list start to become The
Theosophical Enquirer, full of innuendoes and rumors that no one can back up.
I would rather see solid discussion of the political issues than back-stabbing
of individuals.

TSA and the membership has valid political issues to thrash out, especially
concerning the study groups and lodges.  Tossing stuff at the individuals
involved, whether it be mud, tomatoes or whatever your favorite throwing media,
will only result in you getting it on yourself.

Now I'm going to shut up.

-Ann E. Bermingham

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