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Sep 10, 1996 04:05 AM
by m.k. ramadoss

Following is an interesting message some who are not on roots may not
have seen.

> Date: Tue, 10 Sep 1996 01:58:47 -0400
> From: Keith Price <74024.3352@CompuServe.COM>
> Subject: ALGEO the CAPRICORN

 that he had twisted things I had said to him
in good faith, thinking he was interested in dialogue.  In
fact, he knew all along that he intended to attack me, lured me
into discussion, got some things he thought he could use
against me, then got nasty and cut off communication, and then
misused and twisted things I had told him trustingly.  At some
point, he said he had not wanted to make any public stand on
the book, but circumstances had obliged him to.
"Circumstances" to me means Radha and the ES.  So as long as
Algeo is in charge, I'm outta here.

  I could possibly
> get a scholarshop to Krotona this fall or winter.  If you could too, we could
> meet in Krotona.

I'm the last person on earth they'd give one to.


Really interesting.  I thought there was a lot of protecting the organization as
opposed to getting to the real truth and moving theosophy forward into the 2000.
I have heard so really bad reports about ALgeo too.  He is supposed to have
muttered something about the lodges being absolutely worthless (to him) except
for attempts to raid them for legacy booty etc.


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