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Sep 10, 1996 03:53 AM
by m.k. ramadoss


It appears Keith was responding to a message posted by someone. I may
have missed it. Can someone repost it please.

    M K Ramadoss

On Tue, 10 Sep 1996, Keith Price wrote:

>  that he had twisted things I had said to him
> in good faith, thinking he was interested in dialogue.  In
> fact, he knew all along that he intended to attack me, lured me
> into discussion, got some things he thought he could use
> against me, then got nasty and cut off communication, and then
> misused and twisted things I had told him trustingly.  At some
> point, he said he had not wanted to make any public stand on
> the book, but circumstances had obliged him to.
> "Circumstances" to me means Radha and the ES.  So as long as
> Algeo is in charge, I'm outta here.
>   I could possibly
> > get a scholarshop to Krotona this fall or winter.  If you could too, we could
> > meet in Krotona.
> I'm the last person on earth they'd give one to.
> Keith:
> Really interesting.  I thought there was a lot of protecting the organization as
> opposed to getting to the real truth and moving theosophy forward into the 2000.
> I have heard so really bad reports about ALgeo too.  He is supposed to have
> muttered something about the lodges being absolutely worthless (to him) except
> for attempts to raid them for legacy booty etc.
> Keith

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