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Re: Creative Loving

Sep 02, 1996 04:15 PM
by Alan

In message <960902024435_72723.2375_FHP50-1@CompuServe.COM>, "Ann E.
Bermingham" <> writes
>> The spiritual way is not, definitely *not* (IMHE) any kind
>>of *war* and language like "surrender" belongs to warfare, as does
>>"kill" and "strangle" and all those dreadful expressions which the 19th
>>century patriarchal cultures dumped on us.
>It's interesting that I never thought of using the word "surrender" that way -
>as one would wave a white flag and be led off in chains.  I thought of it more
>like standing under a waterfall of light and being swept away in the spiritual
>-Ann E. Bermingham
I can see what you are getting at.  I was trained (so to speak, and
using your simile) to try to stand under the waterfall of light and
bathe in the spiritual bliss while remaining fully aware that my feet
were standing on the stones beneath - like, enjoy, but *don't* be swept
away ...

Any thoughts?

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