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Re: Theory of Relationships

Sep 02, 1996 05:30 PM
by Ann E. Bermingham

>  To wit, as written by one student, the ancient system of
>astrological symbolism needs to be lifted out of the hands of those
>interested in predictional astrology, out of the hands of the thousands
>who at this time spend much time casting horoscopes (seeking to
>interpret their usually erroneous conclusions), and placed in the hands
>of trained mathematical scientists and in the hands of those who have
>given as much time to scientific training along astrological lines as is
>now given to training a reputable physician, a chemist or a biologist.

Astrology College?  A PhD in Astrology?  A Doctor of Astrological Science?

It would interesting to see what quality of astrology and astrologers would be
available if they were all required to get their sheepskin and some letters
after their name.  Might even drive up the price of an average astrology
reading, but I bet there would still be the homegrown kitchen table astrologer,
happy to do the job for half the price.  Just like the guys that fix cars out of
their home garages.

I've recently heard that there is a movement afoot among certain astrologers to
shift the emphasis from predictional to psychological.  Personallly, I use both
and find it very satisfactory.  But if the astrological community is bent on
recognition and validity, they may be throwing the old baby out with the new
bathwater, as many have when they chased the approval of the public.  What would
one astrologer have to do to get the approval of the astronomer Carl Sagan?
Perhaps this chasm between science and astrology chasm is so great, we can only
imagine it in the future.

As for erroneous conclusions, I've been disappointed by two astrologers.  One
who seemed weak with transits and the other who failed to do the job on time.
This only drove me to become an astrologer myself, since I only had me to blame
if things went awry.  I am the guy/guyess that fixes their own astrological car.

My observations and experiences has led me to the conclusions that our physical
faces are the result of our biological genes, neatly picked to suit our present
incarnation.  But the real meat of the personality is written in the natal
horoscope.  That wonderful collection of symbols that describe the different
energies in countless combinations, that paint the picture our Soul would like
to live through for that particular time.

I would add another requirement to the curriculum of Astrology U.  Intuitive
Knowledge 101, so one can see beyond the intellect and numbers, to view the
chart from the level of the Soul.

-Ann E. Bermingham

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