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Re: Creative Loving

Sep 04, 1996 05:24 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

>Thus the ego, must give up it place as little god of the physical needs , and
>become the goddess/lover of the higher divinity in the spiritual world.


>The Voice of the Silence is thus not only a spiritual sound that enters the
>spiritual ear, but a spiritual spear that enters the spiritual inner grail
>(notice, how I just got  by without saying, you know what!)

I think you pretty well got the subject covered.  I've often wanted to express
the same in a post but never put the words together.  That is the way I see it
from own experience which was only enchanced by words in books.

Since we are existing in a world of duality, there is a constant coming together
of the opposites, the friction from that and the eventual joining.  But one has
to think about this on a cosmic and symbolic level to understand that it its
happening all the time, everywhere, not just in our little personal lives.  As
above, so below is a profound statement.  Moving beyond that, without the
duality there is no way to see the other side of things, no creation, no avenue
for knowledge.

Thanks, Keith, for your excellent post.

-Ann E. Bermingham

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