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Re: Psychic abberration

Sep 02, 1996 02:20 PM
by Bee Brown

At 10:25 AM 02/09/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Why is it that more of the world's population has mental problems today?
>Could it be that we're more aware of the fact that there is such a thing as
>a mental problem? You can't tell me that Mayans didn't have mental problems
>if they were afraid, as they must've been, of being used as human sacrifice.
>A TV thing yesterday said they sacrificed children because they thought
>their cries and tears while being killed off would attract rain. Poor kids
>must've lived in terrible fear. You can't tell me that a child whose parent
>was burnt as a heretic by the inquisition, or whose mother had to go around
>New England with an A on her chest wasn't emotionally traumatized, with
>consequences. They just didn't know about it, since it was pre Siegmund Freud.
>So today, after Freuid & Jung & al, you have children being used as
>prostitutes, being mistreated at a very early age while doing dangerous
>manufacturing tasks, starving, watching their parents getting killed off by
>Tutsies & Hutu's. (and if you'll pardon me for being opinionated, I'd add to
>the list being told that you were born in sin.) During Apartheid in South
>Africa they didn't bother innoculating the black kids against polio, so the
>black kids got it, while the white kids didn't. I would say that all of
>these, and many more, today, would produce adults with problems, already
>have produced lots of irrationalities in adults.  It's a world wide
>phenomenon, but thanks goodness there are at least some people today who're
>trying to make a dent in trying to ameliorate these things.
>Happy Labor Day
I wonder if humanity has not reached a more sensitive stage of evolution and
so awareness of energies and frequencies from 'significant others' has a
greater effect than it used to. I understand that we are at the manas stage
and so we think more about all sorts of things and we now have the mental
ability to worry ourselves to an early grave.
I see people all over caught in 'catch 22' situations and lack the
understanding to see it and the ability to extract themselves. My daughter
and her husband do all the right things for their little sons and would by
all accounts be considered good parents. I see the mental methods of
punishment twisting the poor little boys into beings they are not but they
will believe themselves to be as time goes by. When a little 4 year old is
told often enough that he is always naughty then he will come to believe it
unless he has some other influence to balance that. This sort of things
seems to be quite normal methods of controlling children and we wonder why
they grow up confused. Mum tells Dad when he gets home that little Johnny
has been naughty and next day little Johnny is told not to be a tell-tale
when he complains of little Jilly pulling his hair.
In the past week a neighbouring town have had 3 suicides, one 15 and the
other two 20 and over here we are fairly rural and life is not stressful in
the accepted city style.
I have also read that humanity is at the close of one cycle and the
beginning of another and this causes a release of the dark side of things
from the old cycle to be dealt with before the new one really kicks in. If
we really hold with the idea of reincarnation then death does not seem so
terrible because it is all part of the scheme and we will be back to have
another go later. All things seem to be cyclic in a spirally way and some
things need to be destroyed before new and hopefully better, things can take
their place.
Before I get depressed I will close. :-) Lots of 'em.
Bee Brown
Member Theosophy NZ, TI.

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