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Re: Psychic abberration

Sep 02, 1996 06:12 AM
by liesel f. deutsch

Why is it that more of the world's population has mental problems today?
Could it be that we're more aware of the fact that there is such a thing as
a mental problem? You can't tell me that Mayans didn't have mental problems
if they were afraid, as they must've been, of being used as human sacrifice.
A TV thing yesterday said they sacrificed children because they thought
their cries and tears while being killed off would attract rain. Poor kids
must've lived in terrible fear. You can't tell me that a child whose parent
was burnt as a heretic by the inquisition, or whose mother had to go around
New England with an A on her chest wasn't emotionally traumatized, with
consequences. They just didn't know about it, since it was pre Siegmund Freud.

So today, after Freuid & Jung & al, you have children being used as
prostitutes, being mistreated at a very early age while doing dangerous
manufacturing tasks, starving, watching their parents getting killed off by
Tutsies & Hutu's. (and if you'll pardon me for being opinionated, I'd add to
the list being told that you were born in sin.) During Apartheid in South
Africa they didn't bother innoculating the black kids against polio, so the
black kids got it, while the white kids didn't. I would say that all of
these, and many more, today, would produce adults with problems, already
have produced lots of irrationalities in adults.  It's a world wide
phenomenon, but thanks goodness there are at least some people today who're
trying to make a dent in trying to ameliorate these things.

Happy Labor Day


>Bee Brown wrote:
>"I read a report from a European meeting of psychiatrists etc, that around
>65% of the worlds population have mental disturbances in varying
>degrees.Only a very small % of those are under treatment. The behaviour of
>people in general seems to indicate that such may be the case. I wonder what
>will be done about it, if anything!!"
>Sadly, I have to concur. Never have I been in contact with so many people
>who have mental difficulties, including a few suicide attempts. Is it  the
>backlash of  their  flower-power background, overpopulation, TV-realism,
>hectic life-rythm? Prozac is effecting wonders.
>Anyone ever read "The Aberree"?

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