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Whose Theosophy?

Sep 02, 1996 02:51 AM
by wichm

Liesel wrote:
>'Scuse me, but with a statement like that, I'm wondering what kind of
>theosophy you've been studying, if any.

OOOh, stepped on a sore toe there! Was it the truth after all?
About my background:  after shaking hands with G.d.P. in 1938 I was sent
from the Lotus Circle as a naughty boy. Then again I shook hands with James
Long, but was given a similar treatment. And now I run the risk of history
repeating itself!

I may assure Liesel that I have many a book on Theosophy in my book case
that she wouldn't like to read. May be I studied them too much!

Read my: "On the psychology of spiritual movements":


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