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to: Kweith, Re: elitism

Aug 19, 1996 03:17 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

> The danger, for me, I am
>afraid, is that someone like Krishnamurti may come along and say these elitist
>notions  about the "path" are all bosh and fliim flam.


My concept of the Masters is not that they are our leaders, but rather that
they are our role models. The promise of Theosophy, or at least one of them,
to me is that some day, in one of my future incarnations, I will be able to
function as the Masters function. If someone wants to call that flim flam,
well, they're free to do so. Those happen to be my beliefs, so I really
don't care who else says something different that doesn't make any sense to me.

TI is an experiment in trying to rule by concensus, and that's fine with me.
I'd rather work that way. Also, as I said in my last TI message, to me the
word "nucleus" also smacks of elitism, and I prefer Martin's concept
"network". I've been part of an elite for all of my life. It doesn't mean
anything except that everyone who belongs to this elite feels superior. I'm
really tired of it. It works like a box around what I am, & confines me. I
can only talk to my equals or superiors, but not to my underlings. Superior
to what, underling to what, I ask you. I'd rather be part of an open
network, & let the others, like the ES, be an elite.


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