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Re: Consciousness

Aug 19, 1996 03:14 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>,
>Now, it is a common experience to be sitting in a movie, for
>example, which is so powerful that it can "command your conscious attention"
>the whole while, but then you are surprised that two hours have gone by and
>"you hadn't really been there"--i.e., that you had lost complete awareness of
>yourself--your ~Self~ as its Buddhi-manas ~upadhi~, so to speak.  Missing
>Witness or "Silent Watcher," so to speak.

I think this may be true for many people, but also that many on this
list would *no longer* find this example true.  For instance, when my
attention is "captured" - say by the movie in your example, I cannot
avoid *knowing* that my attention is captured, though I recognise that
this may not be the case for everyone.

In everyday life, such a level of attention can even be a problem, as
things are seen and noticed which others would rather one didn't see and
notice - my advice: keep stumm.

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