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Attavada, the heresy of a soul vs. Universal Soul

Aug 19, 1996 11:14 PM
by Keith Price

In the glosary to the Voice of the Silence HPB writes;

5) Soul is used here for the Human Ego of Manas ..
6) Sakkayaditthi "delusion of personality"
8) Attavada, the heresy of the belief in Soul or rather the separateness of Soul
or Self fromt he One Universal, infinite Self.
9) The tawagyanee is the "knower' or discriminator of the principles in nature
and in man: and atamguanne is the knower of Atman or the Universal, ONE SELF.


These glosses along with my mediation on the the sections of VOS they refer to,
has suggested to me that
HPB is suggesting that what is commonly called "soul' in the West is really more
like the "psyche" of the same name, in the sense that it is an illusion in time
and space in the Maya Maya.  The real Soul is a universal and exists beyond the
existant in the timeless, spaceless ONE.  The mind or Manas maintains its
existense in an illusiory way by discriminating itself from the One, the inner
from the outter.  The only possible goal would not be individual salvation, but
a merging with the Soul of  the One.  Thus the Nirmankaya vestiture is the only
possible goal for the aspirant, in the sense that no gets out of Maya  A L O N
E.  It is ALL ONE OR NO ONE.  Yes or no?

Keith PRice

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