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Nucluei - Clones of Elitist Brotherhoods?

Aug 19, 1996 11:42 PM
by Keith Price


>These are ideas that are brewing just below the surface for me. Has anyone ever
>thought anything like this?  That the appeal of the Masters is in some way, the
>appeal of (God forbid) a sports star who seems larger than life, and that I can
>share in his or her glory by collecting trading cards the way some collect
>tidbits of thesophical history?

I think you have a very good point here.  But it's easy for people to want to
group together and feel "special".  Even though it's a false specialness that is
actually blocking out the connection to one's Higher Self, which is really the
only non-special specialness there is.  It makes one feel special enough to go
out to others, not lord it over them.

-Ann E. Bermingham

Very appropriate comment.  I think this is my individual karma and I would
suggest it is shared with many of those with pluto in Leo (baby boomers).  We
have a deep need from past lives to express ourselves at all cost in perhaps a
self-important "royal" manner with little concern for the people we are
suppposedly trying to reach.  One astrologer has suggested that Pluto in Leo
suggests that those of us with this plane strong in our chart in this sign were
incarnated together during the Age of Leo (in the precession of the equinoxes
system).  We had an Atlantis type mentality of using power for selfish ends
without acknowledging to ourselves where it can from (the Divivne Sun through
crystals etc) or where it was going and who it was affecting leading to the myth
of the submersion of Atlantis due to "black magic".

Thus our goal is supposedly to overcome selfishness and direct current
technology to the creation of a New World Order of peace, prosperity and group
experiences of spirituality on a global scale through computers perhaps thus
ushering in the Age of Aquarius.  The Group Planetary energy would be
controlled, acknowledged and directed by a connection of the GROUP to the DIVINE

I think this fits in somewhat with our discussion of the VOICE of THe SIlence.
The voice is a spiritual voice beyond the individual or cultural subconsious and
seeks to connect with the spiritual plan for the path our planet and the next
stage of humanity as trully a practical and spiritual brotherhood. Big perhaps!!
Bailey seem to really run with the idea of the WORLD TEACHER as not a person or
Avatar type incarnation, but a WORLD ENSOULMENT through meditation and psychic
linking, perhaps.

I think all groups preach universal brotherhood, peace, love and goodness.  Even
the KuKluxKlan and Louis Farakan believe that everybody would be happier with
THEIR ideas of "progress" and harmony.  The problem isn't the idea of
brotherhood but "en actu" as HPB states.

Keith Price

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