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Re: Reincarnation: HPB & Jung

Aug 19, 1996 04:16 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <960819213543_76400.1474_HHL29-1@CompuServe.COM>, Jerry
Schueler <> writes
>>I would be interested in a citation here if you can find it, Jerry.  I
>>sold my part set of his collected works some years ago in order to eat.
>Alan, I wrote an essay about reincarnation for my Enochian Journal
>awhile back.  The essay contains some neat models of Jung's
>psyche, but since this has to be in ASCII, they are not included here.
>Still, you can get the idea.  The main quote you are asking about is
>is Vol 17 of his Collected Works.

Many thanks for the article.  The lack of diags doesn't matter, as I am
more than familiar with Jungian basics - I wish I still had my copy of
the Jacobi book you mention: I lent it to someone years ago, and guess
what ...

Thanks again!

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