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Re: Freedom of Thought

Aug 06, 1996 04:14 PM
by Drpsionic

Consider this: for the first time, more phone time is used to send data bits
than to send voice.  The reason for all the new area codes is not only the
cellular phones, but also the number of modems in use.
How many homes (besides my folks) had a televsion in 1948?  In 1950? In 1955?
 These things have a way of mushrooming.
One of the fun things about newsgroups is the collection of weird people who
post on them.  Don't worry, the xtians are coming.  Along with chain letters,
adds for credit cleaning and the occasional gif of someone doing something
embarrassing with a sheep.  That's what makes the net fun.
No, I didn't see Hackers, but then I'm not an Aquarian.  I hate water.

Chuck the Heretic

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