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Re: Freedom of Thought

Aug 06, 1996 05:24 PM
by Ann E. Bermingham

>. . . How many homes (besides my folks) had a televsion in 1948?  In 1950? In
>These things have a way of mushrooming.

I have no problem with that.  Bring on those 'puters, the more the merrier.  I'm
just skeptical of predictions.  Even my own.

>One of the fun things about newsgroups is the collection of weird people who
>post on them.  Don't worry, the xtians are coming.  Along with chain letters,
>adds for credit cleaning and the occasional gif of someone doing something
>embarrassing with a sheep.

I'm sure the whole baryard's already been done.  I'd regal you with pics I've
seen on the web, but I don't want to get into that kind of thing on this list.

>No, I didn't see Hackers, but then I'm not an Aquarian.  I hate water.

Aquarius is an air sign, so you have to watch which way the wind the blowing.
One of those prophetic eagles might be dropping it's doodoo on you.

-Ann E. Bermingham

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