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Re: Freedom of Thought

Aug 06, 1996 05:44 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

>That the internet has made an end run around them is turning into a massive
>understatement and they don't like it one little bit.
>I had a friendly (seriously, it was) talk with one board member at the
>begining of convention about alt.theosophy and he expressed the concern that
>it would attract our xtian enemies and they would use it to spread lies about
>us and to attack us.  I told him that that was exactly what I wanted, to get
>them to come into our killing ground and get verbally slaughtered.

Most likely the xtians are busy fighting each other in their own newsgroups, but
a few may stray over dressed in armor to do battle.

>But that is not the thing that really bothers the powers that be.  Right now
>only a handful of TSers are on the net, but that number is going to grow ...

Back in January, when I was still innocent and ignorant of the ways of the
Theosophical world, I expressed my opinion that those that can be reached on the
Internet must possess computers.  John Meade,own esteemed host in cyberspace,
said that computers were available at public libraries.  Monseiur Meade, I don't
know where you live, but in crammed Chi-town you have to wait in line behind in
the kids, teen-agers and everyone else to make a reservation to use the library
'puters.  I'm sure most people would rather have one at hand and maybe someday
they'll be common as televisions.  Till then, you might want to consider other
means of reaching people besides the net, if possible.

>and weird thing is that with their web page and attempt at moderated newsgroups
>is actually going to encourage it.  So what we need to do is figure out a way
>to get the good folk who will go to the official internet organs to come over
>to our more free-wheeling, maniacal and truthful unofficial ones.

Boredom and the itch to find out what's really going on will take care of that

>. . . but it will ultimately result in a more open TS that is not afraid of
what it's members might >choose to study.

How about just "not afraid"?  Not afraid of seeming less than loftily
intellectual, not afraid of showing heart, of being associated with other
groups, etc.

At this point in time, any organization that attempts to tightly control its
members, is probably going to implode.  There's a great restlessness going on
right now in business and spiritual groups, where the members want to be a part
of the team, not at the bottom of the barrel.  The momentum is fierce and the
sheer numbers make their cause inevitable, even though it may take time and a
few bloody noses.

BTW, Cos, did you see Hackers?  A real Aquarian film.

-Ann E. Bermingham

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