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Re: Alan on reincarnation & karma

Aug 02, 1996 09:58 AM
by Martin_Euser

Martin(prev)>	Why cannot the (higher) manas within the auric egg (or field of
>consciousness-matter) send out a ray, form a vehicle, for a new

Jerry S>	Because manas is the human mind, and it is re-born each time.
The causal body, the atma-buddhi, is the Reincarnating Ego which
puts forth a new "ray" or manas at the beginning of each re-incarnation.

        That is not the view exposed by HPB. (Higher) manas is the permanent
individuality or reincarnating ego, while atma-buddhi is on the one hand
the human monad (G deP teaching) and on the other hand Atma-Higher Self,
Buddhi-spiritual soul, vehicle of Atma (HPB in the Key to Theosophy).
Lower manas is reborn each time.

Martin> Let us assume the standpoint
>of the human monad. It manifests as a personality, has its experiences,
>and withdraws its energy from the outer vehicle. It stores what it has
>learned (by means of its vehicle) on this earth in its database.
>The monad needs more experience in this life and manifests again,
>forming a new persona, based upon previous experiences, and, the new
>environment it is going to manifest in, etc.
Jerry S>        This is the typical exoteric view of reincarnation, but not
what was taught by HPB.  The human monad is reborn each time.

        I disagree. I've studied G de P on this and my understanding is this:
each monad is spiritual essence per se, but has developed or evolved in
degrees vehicles on the planes of manifestation. These vehicles or souls
gradually as experience is gained. It is not so much the monad that is reborn
as that new vehicles are formed during the period of manifestation.

According to G de P the evolutionary process is like a cross:
on the vertical line there's the stream of consciousness proceeding from
the top of a hierarchy (Silent Watcher, etc.) 'down' to the more material
planes. This stream is being transformed or colored by the various foci
(atman, jivatman, bhutatman, pranatman) and finds expression on the various
subplanes. The horizontal line(s) have to do with each specific monad or
focus of consciousness. The evolutionary process gives rise to the evolution
of consciousness of each monad through the gradual refinement and transformation
of its vehicles (souls) on the various subplanes.

This scheme has some worth to me as I can relate to it in my experiences.
Latent powers find expression in the human nature. It looks like the human
being evolves his own octave within the manifold of frequencies and resonances
with higher octaves (more evolved monads) is possible.
I'm not sure how all these monads overlap or interconnect with each other,
but I think they do somehow as nothing is isolated in nature.

Jerry>The "aroma" of each life is stored, not in or by the human monad,
but by and in the atma-buddhi.  If you look at it as body, soul, and spirit,
then only the spirit survives and reincarnates, forming a new soul
and new body each time.

        So you see the human monad as a composite of spirit-soul-body?
In that case it may be a question of terminology rather than intrinsic
differences. My point was that each monad has its own atma-buddhi aspect
and the human monad's atma-buddhi is not the same as one's Higher Self or
Inner God,
(which is designated Atman-Jivatman in Fountain Source of Occultism), I think.


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