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Re: Bailey vs TS

Aug 02, 1996 09:24 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

According to Maxim Osinovsky:
> On the other hand, I doubt Arcane School needs any wide contacts with
> T.S. Contrary to what many believe, Arcane School is not a membership
> organization, they are not interested in recruiting as many members as
> possible, so they were able to stay away from the dirty occult politics
> in which T.S. got so heavily involved. It is just a correspondence school.
> They know I am a member of T.S. in America, it is perfectly OK with them,
> and in fact they do not care what I am studying and doing as a
> theosophist--they never, ever asked me about it.

Max, I think the direct head-to-head competitiveness is more
between the E.S. and the Arcane school.  It is precisely the
threat that at some point there could be more Baileyites than
E.S. members in the T.S. that has led to the atmosphere of
expulsions, IMO.


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