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on reincarnation & Karma

Aug 02, 1996 03:32 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, James S Yungkans
<> writes
>P.S.  Alan, you state that "none of the quotes is mine!" Would you care to
>step into the room and present your views (and I promise to be a gentleman
>:)  I would expecially like to hear from some of your "assistants" (Spooks
>or ?) in regard to where the system is in "Error", or is this in substancial
>agreement with you as well?

That was with regard to the particular posting, which has the same
heading as this one, but contains nothing by Alan, if you get my point.

You seem to have a strange idea of where I am coming from, which
suggests you have taken only a superficial look at what were no more
than a few "asides" in the first place.

In your post you present a complicated, SD kind of picture, which you
appear to offer as a doctrinal position.  Whether it is in error I
cannot say, and, I suspect, if everyone were totally honest, everyone
else would say the same.  I have no "assistants" or "Spooks" - an
amusing idea in itself, and am bemused to think what kind of images are
in your head about me! :-) As for the terminology you use, while I
probably *have* read it (as I have read the SD and Isis and ....) it not
the language or terminology I am familiar or happy with, having taken up
the kabbalist path in preference some 40 years ago.

I guess you and those interested from the SD terminology point of view
will have to follow this one without me - I wish you well! Just take my
name out of the subject header ....

Alan (F.T.S.)
THEOSOPHY INTERNATIONAL: Ancient Wisdom for a New Age
(Note figure "one" after WWW)

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