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Re: Bailey Material on WWW

Jul 31, 1996 05:16 PM
by Jim Meier

Adressing the earlier request for Web sites of Alice A. Bailey material,

Ann Bermingham wrote,
>While it is true that the Bailey organization does not (as yet) have an
>web page, there are links to Bailey material at this URL:

Max added that the Lucis Trust is way behind in setting up Net access...
Which is true enough.  While the LT itself does not appear on the Web, one
of the associated groups, World Goodwill, does have a site at

World Goodwill is an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) associated with the
United Nations. is a group of many non-profit organizations
(Amnesty International to Zaire) and it's well worth checking out;
charities, non-profits, alternative news, etc.

The Lucis Trust itself is a bit behind regarding electronic media, but there
is a project "in the works" to put the AAB books onto CD-ROM.  The timetable
for this is a bit vague, since their emphasis just now is re-issueing the
VHS series on monthly meditations with an astrological emphasis.  The series
should be complete sometime this fall; I've seen the May (Wesak) video and
it is very nice, incorporating some of Albert Falzon's magnificent footage
of the Himalayas.

Web access to AAB material now is limited to sites that draw from the AAB
writings without direct affiliation.  Any web browser can pull up quite a
few, and while some of them are only peripherally linked to the Tibetan's
ideas at all, some of them are quite interesting and many of them have links
of their own (the White Mountain page contains links to the Roerich museum,
for example).

Some pages that a recent search turned up include       (White Mountain)

and one of my favorites is David's Occult links at   -- it's really hard to find something
specific from here, but the search always turns up lots of interesting stuff.


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