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To Alan and Michael R.-what are your views on reincarnation & karma?

Jul 29, 1996 03:11 PM
by Martin_Euser

Hi Alan, Michael

Alan Bain said in a previous post that his view on reincarnation is different
from the standard Theosophical one. 
Alan, could you tell us a little (or more:)) about that? 
How did you arrive at such a different view?
Does your view imply a different notion about karma as well?

I'm curious about that, because spiritualists (broadly speaking: those who
have communion with spirits) seem to have different opinions on these topics
than (most?) Theosophists have and I would like to understand more about
these differences.
The reason that I mention spiritualists here is because you said to have
(had) certain experiences that may make you understand spiritualists better than
most (?) of us do.

To Michael Rogge: if you would bother to say something on this, I would
appreciate that too (very much).


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