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Re: Blavatsky, Beatles and Elvis

Jul 29, 1996 04:24 PM
by Drpsionic

Beware of blaspheming Holy Elvis, for as all know he was a true avatar and
sacred ash falls from his black velvet memorials (Eat you're heart out, Sai
Baba Booey!) :-).  I've only had the misfortune to hear one Scriabin piece
and you're right, no one listens to him because even the musicians become
nauseous at playing his work.  And Kandinsky was a bore.
There is something strange that happens whenever an artist arrogates himself
to the point were he thinks that his work has spiritual qualities.  It makes
that work dreadful.  There is a spiritual quality to some art, but it is not
put there consciously, but rather comes from the spirit of the artist.

Chuck the Heretic

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