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RE: VOS origins (Kim and John Mead)

Jul 30, 1996 07:46 PM
by Kim Poulsen

>I look forward to this discussion as I am somewhat confused by Blavatsky's
>seeming preference for yogacharya as opposed to madyamika (the middle 
>way). This is NOT my strong point, but what I am tempted to think is that 
>yogacharya is more ascetic about killing out the senses and enfolding 
>one's "True Self" in the atma-buddhi as opposed to the less ascetic middle 
>way of madymika which suggest nothing in excess even "spirituality".

   If we focus on the founders and leading authors of the schools - Asanga 
and Nagarjuna it will be clear. While Nagarjuna was a cool, negativistic, 
tough logician, Asanga would write about the boddhisattvas love for other 
beings - just as a mother for her only child. Tsong-kha-pa had a great 
preference for Asanga's works, and so apparently had HPB (and so do I, for 
that matter).
   In short - in a work on the highest morality, Asanga's words would fit 
perfectly, while it would be difficult to find anything appropriate by 
  I will be back with some examples when I have the time, it is extremely 
difficult to translate, the few translators have only made a confused 
mish-mash of the texts. It will show clearly the yogacharya origin of the 

In friendship,


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