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Re: Teaching from other voices

Jul 24, 1996 07:18 AM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <960724121240_72723.2375_FHP47-1@CompuServe.COM>, "Ann E.
Bermingham" <> writes
>I perceive that you would probably rejoice when all religions would vanish from
>the face of the earth.  It wouldn't be a bad idea if everyone could get to that
>point of consciousness where they didn't feel a need for a priest or guru to
>advise them.  They would listen to their Higher Self and probably get better
>answers.  Maybe we'll both get our wish in the Aquarian Era.  IMHO, I don't
>believe that most devotional religions will survive in that time frame.  It's my
>hypothesis that there will a great emphasis on scientifc and inner knowledge

I think this is beginning to happen already - but it *has* happened in
the early days of Christianity and Judaism for sure, and maybe other
religions as well.  Properly understood, I think that the essence of the
two religions I actually know something about is *gnosis* of the kind
you mention.  The arguments of some of the early church fathers, for
instance, was not against the gnosis, but against "gnosis, falsely so

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