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Re: TI members, an addition

Jul 24, 1996 07:06 AM
by Alan

In message <>, Murray
Stentiford <> writes
>I imagine we'll do what we can with what we've got, but maybe a sort of
>roster would help us to work together, ie a list of aspects of the Web site
>with a name opposite each one, and change the assignments around one place
>every couple of months. It depends on what people want and what they feel
>they can do, but I think a bit of organisation will help to lubricate the
>cooperation. It may even be fun.
>Member TI and the TS in NZ

As I notified the list yesterday, I hope to get my own home page in
August.  One useful addition which could be made right now will be links
to TI members' home pages on the existing TI Web page below.  There is
already a link to Martin Euser and to Chuck Cosimano (who I am sure will
put links to the TI page on their own sites) :-).

Maybe you could expand on what your idea of "a bit of organisation"
might mean in terms of the "how" thereof?

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