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Re: TI members, an addition

Oct 24, 1996 01:39 AM
by Murray Stentiford

Murray wrote:
>>I meant to add to my previous piece on this that I'm willing to be a
>>volunteer to receive and reply to e-mail enquiries.

Alan replied:
>I'm glad you added this, as I was wondering how to respond to your
>brainstorming, which I thought was great (but who's going to do all this
>work?).  Anyhow, I filed it to read thoroughly later, I was so


I imagine we'll do what we can with what we've got, but maybe a sort of
roster would help us to work together, ie a list of aspects of the Web site
with a name opposite each one, and change the assignments around one place
every couple of months. It depends on what people want and what they feel
they can do, but I think a bit of organisation will help to lubricate the
cooperation. It may even be fun.


Member TI and the TS in NZ

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