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Re: Teaching from other voices

Jul 24, 1996 05:12 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

>I think you are having some fun but for the sake of those who take us
>seriously there is a small difference.  Driving a car is not the same as
>claiming to have the only true spiritual path for whatever.  On the contrary,
>when one drives, one has a choice of a number of routes and disasters are
>rarely the result of malice, unlike religion which overflows with it.

I considered my statement serious.  The problem is with the driver/member of
religion, not the religion itself.  Religous paths may be based on untruths, but
human frailty is what puts the spin on them.  Now if we agree that fallible
humans create religions, therefore religions can be faulty, then I would agree
to that logic.

I perceive that you would probably rejoice when all religions would vanish from
the face of the earth.  It wouldn't be a bad idea if everyone could get to that
point of consciousness where they didn't feel a need for a priest or guru to
advise them.  They would listen to their Higher Self and probably get better
answers.  Maybe we'll both get our wish in the Aquarian Era.  IMHO, I don't
believe that most devotional religions will survive in that time frame.  It's my
hypothesis that there will a great emphasis on scientifc and inner knowledge

-Ann E. Bermingham  

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