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RE: W. Scott-Elliot on Atlantis and Lemuria

Jul 23, 1996 09:44 PM
by Blavatsky Foundation

Allen states:

  A book published a long time back, but maybe reprinted by theosophical
  sources, is "The Story of Atlantis & Lemuria" (or very similar).  It is
  probably in Oclott Library, and is by a man called Scott-Elliot, a one-
  time member of the T.S.  It is based on "psychic" perceptions rather
  than "scientific" ones, but it does answer the question from one angle -
  complete with maps!

James gives a "Historical note":

This text was originally published as a transaction by the "London Lodge" of
the T.S.  The "Psychic" studies were performed by none other than Besant and
Leadbeater, according to a later writer (was this their first research
work?).  I believe the first publication was in 1886 (?), but I canont
confirm this at present as my copy (an original edition pulled from the
'Bristol Lodge' library) is currently packed away in storage.

If my date is correct, then H.P.B. would have had access to this material!
how much coorilation is there between the W. Scott-Elliott work and S.D. ???

Note:  a small slip within the inside cover states that this was a private
printing for members of the 'London Lodge' and that a future public pressing
would be entitled "The Story of Atlantis"

Daniel replies:

James, the year is 1896.  Scott-Elliot's work entitled *Atlantis:  A
Historical and Ethnological Sketch* was published as Volume 29 of the
*Transactions of the London Lodge of the Theosophical Society*.  Issued
Feb. 1896.  Later that same year, it was published as a book under the
the title *The Story of Atlantis* by the Theosophical Publishing Society
in London.  Later I think in 1904 (?), Scott-Elliot's book *The Lost Lemuria* 
was published.

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