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Various Posts by Jerry S.

Jul 21, 1996 04:06 PM
by Ann E. Bermingham

Jerry S.:
>	Worrying about the purity of historical figures is a lot like
>worrying about the purity of food, the purity of our neighbors, and
>so on.  It all comes from our own inner fears and prejudices, and
>from what we have stored up in own shadow.  CWL was right to
>teach sex to older children (16 or older) but wrong to touch them.
>. . . Activation of spiritual forces almost always 
>charges the Root Center (muladhara) and Sex Center (svadhisthana)
>and one becomes sexy in spite of oneself.  This is why gurus tend 
>to get into sexual trouble.  Its how we handle such phenomena that 
>count.  And repression is not an option.

I agree.  It is my understanding that an initiate, being stimulated by the
intiation process and having to deal with the powerful forces inside of him/her,
has to channel that energy into a creative project which will benefit humanity.
This will put the available energy into another arena rather than the sex life.
However, there will still some energy moving towards the lower chakras and that
could be used in an appropriate relationship.  That relationship could be of
mutual benefit, as each person could help other in their work.

>Alan, how about "Most theosophists?"  The vast majority
>believe in sex for procreation only, just like the Catholics.
>This goes back to HPB's extolling of celibacy.

This is news to me.  

>	Chuck, I agree.  Theosophists are in the same camp
>as Catholics when it comes to sex--its only for procreation.
>Apparently they never heard of the psychological need for intimacy.
>Sex as an expression of love is a foreign concept.

And are they in the same camp in terms of actually doing what their say?
Surveys have shown that American Catholics practice birth control.  They just
don't mention it in the confessional.  Seems the rebellious USA Catholics think
it is nobody's business  but their own what they do in the privacy of their
bedroom.  They go about that business and receive the sacraments without
confessing something they don't really believe is a sin.

Your views, Jerry S., sound like something along the lines of modern Tantra.
Which is certainly fine with me.

- Ann E. Bermingham

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