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Re: Answers

Jul 21, 1996 03:32 PM
by Ann E. Bermingham

>I understand your problem, and apologise if I offered superfluous
>advice, as I should know that you would give freelyof your own
>experience if asked.  Having said this, I cannot see how the TS *as
>such* can have an "official approved" method of working, as there is no
>provision in either the objects nor the rules [Adyar] for such a thing,
>as the bliefs and opinions of individual members are (or should be)
>respected. . .

My understanding of the Society has been that:

1.  Through it's library and other informational avenues, was it able to provide
the inquiring student with information about many paths.  The student was then
free to choose a particular path based on his point in evolution and particular

2. It also provided an umbrella, so to speak, under which the students from many
disciplines could gather and exchange views in a spirit of fellowship.

3.  It would create an atmosphere of tolerance in a world where the many
spiritual teachers have claimed to have the only handle on truth and
enlightenment.  I have observed the "we only got it here" phenomenom in both the
Eastern and Western disciplines.  And the various Christian churches will claim
they have better and/or more powerful services.  The hotline to God is claimed
by so many, one wonders why the entire population of planet earth is not

I may be wrong, but I believe that most people that have long-term membership in
TS are already firmly settled on some path.  Perhaps those who are still
searching could be provided with better services in their search, rather than
the offhand treatment usually given to the TS newbie.

- Ann E. Bermingham

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