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Attn: TI Members

Jul 21, 1996 03:05 PM
by JRC

Hi there ... have begun programming the TI Home Page & linked sites - 
would like to present the Home Page text I've come up with for 
commentary/criticism by TI members. Have been trying to come up with 
something with the idea that people who have never heard of TI or 
Theosophy, but whose inner natures might be looking for such a thing will 
find attractive. Do comment in any way, from any angle, on any part of 
the text you wish - this is a *first draft* so don't pull no punches 
(like anyone here would ... (-:).
			    <TI graphic>

               There Is No Religion Higher Than Truth

		        <ornate bar graphic>	

	At the Heart of the Many there is One: One Humanity out of which 
flows a vast profusion of races, cultures and tribes; One Spirit, that 
unfolds through countless religious and spiritual expressions; One 
Reality, approached through hundreds of branches of philosophy and 
science; One Final Goal towards which a huge and diverse variety of 
different paths of spiritual growth and development strive.

	It is to Serve that One Humanity, to Discern the footprints of 
that One Spirit in the many religions, to seek ever deeper understandings 
of that One Reality, and explore the many paths of spiritual growth and 
transformation that Theosophy International was formed.

	It imposes no dogma, requires belief in no creed, nor acceptance 
of any individual or group's teachings. Nothing but agreement with the 
Three Objects <link> is required for membership - and it is left 
completely up to individual conscience and predilections to decide how 
those Objects will find expression in day to day life.

	And yet, while liberty of individual conscience, complete freedom 
of thought and expression, and the responsibility for and pursuit of each 
person's unique path of spiritual growth and world service is the 
foundation of Theosophy International, it is more than simply many 
seperate individuals - it is a forum of free people who have come to 
understand that that own personal pursuits and service may be greatly 
encouraged, furthered, and refined through voluntary discourse and 
relations with people of widely differing perspectives.

	While some of its members study some of the oldest spiritual 
traditions on earth, others work at the very cutting edge of modern 
social, spiritual and scientific thought - and while the driving force 
behind Theosophy International finds its source in ancient and timeless 
ideals, it strives to use 21st Century telecommunications technologies to 
unleash the power of those ideals into modern civilization. 

			    <bar graphic>

	The members of Theosophy International invite you to browse this 
site - consider our Objects, examine the history of Theosophy and the 
place Theosophy International occupies in that tradition; read a few of 
the essays contributed by some of its members - and if you like what you 
see, feel free to contact one of the members listed below with any 
questions you have, or Join Us as a member. 

			    <bar graphic>
                        Theosophy International
                     Ancient Wisdom For A New Age
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|    Three Objects   | Theosophy International |    TI Member      |
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|     The History    |     Links to other      |    Theosophy      |
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|     Theosophy      |  People & Organizations | Projects & Essays |


[NOTE: As long as I'm at it, how's about some volunteers? We should have 
(IMO) three or four brave members who will volunteer to allow their email 
addresses to be placed in the "contact members" link - who will take the 
time to respond personally to inquiries that come from individuals  ... 
and (probably more difficult (-:) ... anyone feel up to taking shot at 
writing the "history" link? We need (again, IMO) somthing conscise, 
non-judgemental ... that connects HPB to ancient theosophers, show the 
developments in the 20th century ... and that will, in essence, place TI *in 
context*. We can link to a much longer, detailed history on the "essays" 
page if that is desired ... but we need (IMO) something only two or three 
pages long to introduce the thing to people who are browsing through the 
site quickly - how's about it ... any takers? 
							Regards, -JRC

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