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Re: Descent into matter

Jul 21, 1996 02:46 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>What do you think about the notion (which I entertain seriously from
>time to time) that we may (re)incarnate quite by accident?  Suppose, let
>us say, that one of the spiritual entities you mention got a bit too
>close to what is often called the "earth plane" and got sucked in?

	Alan, this suggests the Chaos Factor, which I do
believe in.  However, the only way to get yourself born onto
this physical earth into a physical body is desire.  Without
the desire, you just can't make it.  The catch it, desire for
self-expression is inherent in all beings--its a monadic
characteristic that sooner or later bites us in the butt, so
to speak.  So *all* entities get themselves born into matter
at some point or another.

>And are we not all spiritual entitities to begin with?

	Yes, and even the gods must reincarnate
at some point.  

Jerry S.
Member, TI

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