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Re: VOS/WORD 6 (Bee)

Jul 21, 1996 04:39 PM
by Jim Meier

Hi Bee --

>Sorry to be a pest,but I wonder if someone can give me a bit of computer 
>advice. I have just downloaded some Vitvan articles into my Word 6 and find 
>that the Autobiography is 57 pages long. Now the problem with e-mail and WWW 
>articles is that the lines only cover 3/4 of the page and so waste a lot of 
>paper when printed out. I know how to spread the lines from margin to margin 
>via the replace function but that is paragraph by paragraph and for 57 pages 
>will take ages. Is there an easier way to format articles to cover the whole 
>page? I can get some messy articles from WWW by the time I look at them in 
>Many thanks.

Soft return word wrap is easier in WordPerfect than Word for imported ASCII
documents.  Which means, I know how to do it in the one but not the other.  :)
Word 6 for DOS or Windows?

If no one else answers your question first, I'll tag my "administrative
assistant" Monday morning, as I do for 80% of my p.c. questions.  I'm
putting this on theos-l so that we don't have a dozen folks answering your
question all at the same time.


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