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Re: Blavatsky Bakti or Yoga of Transference

Jul 20, 1996 03:25 PM
by Jerry Schueler

> Freud and Jung have made much of the notion of "transference of lbido" to
>the analyst as almost a prerequisite for getting better.  One must really trust
>a therapist and be in rapport for any deep change to take place.

	Small point:  I believe it is transformation of libido, the
transference and countertransference being two separate things.
Jung taught that libido can be transformed into all kinds of
psychic (i.e., mental and emotional) energy.  Freud stuck
with the notion that most all libido stayed sexual.
	A therapist is the western notion of a guru., and yes,
you have to trust in each in order to have any effect.  If your
wife (or husband) tells you something personal, you may not
believe them, but you will tend to believe the same thing if
spoken by a guru or therapist.  

>  I have always had
>difficulty in linking with Blavatsky as a lovable historical figure.

	I find it very easy to do so.

	Jerry S.
	Member, TI	

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