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Re: Copy of: Purity and theosophy

Jul 20, 1996 03:25 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>If Theosophy were not so puritanical to start with, so
>rejecting of the flesh, ...

Paul, you may recall that Nancy and John Coker and I
wrote an essay on sex for the Theosophical Network
years ago.  There was a deluge of comments, all
critical, suggesting that good theosophists didn't
need sex and were above such nasty things.  Not
one wrote in favor of our essay--which was to the effect
that sex is a normal and natural part of life, and that
one can have a sexual life and still tread the spiritual
Path.  Theosophists are as prudish (and wrong) today 
as they were last century.

	Jerry S.
	Members, TI 

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