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Blavatsky Bakti or Yoga of Transference

Jul 19, 1996 01:13 AM
by Keith Price

For true spiritual transformation it is said  there must be somekind of
sacrifice of the worldly conditioned ego to a higher spiritual reality or at
least a group goal for the simplest maturity.  .  This in most traditions takes
the form of finding a spiritual teacher and linking with him or her on as many
levels as possible. 

Christ is the answer for Christians who claim we should  believe in Jesus, call
on his name, trust him, love him and He will love you.  The historical Jesus
represents the focus of need to link with a teacher in a physical body at a
certain stage on the path.  The Gnostic Jesus seems more like an inner teacher
and new age channeled guide from the Nag Hammadi Gospels and seems truly an
archetype to hang a story on, as the critics of the Gnostics suggested.  

Buddha even has sentimental attachment for children in the East, like a Santa
Claus. Freud and Jung have made much of the notion of "transference of lbido" to
the analyst as almost a prerequisite for getting better.  One must really trust
a therapist and be in rapport for any deep change to take place.  The yoga is
with an advanced or more highly developed (hopefully) personality who will
reparent the client.

Most of my students don't care what I know unless they know that I care.  Again
a kind of trust is necessary for true spirtual relationships.  I have always had
difficulty in linking with Blavatsky as a lovable historical figure.  She seems
to have a lot of appeal to feminists who admire her for standing up to a the
image of a patriarcal God and the male intellectual establishment of the time.
I still find the Blavatsky-only crowd a little strange.  She all but admitted
that the SD is a compilation or  "nosegay" (her word)  culled from many gardens
of spiritual sources, so to speack.

Yet it does bear her stamp, definitely!  Has anyone considered channeling
Blavatsky? Does anyone meditate on her image?  I think very few.  And for me,
her thought is as hard to pin down as her style is expansive.  She points to the
Masters as her Bakti, her linking to the Source.  I look forward to rereading
the VOICE OF THE SILENCE, because I remember that  it is this VOICE that can be
trusted above all others.  A transference to a teacher or guru, is only a
temporary projection of this omnipresent voice and must be withdrawn and
reintegrated at various times in one's life from my experience.  

I have always sought the inner beloved, the Master within.  Maybe this is the
voice of the silence and the goal is to improve I conscious connection, yoking,
bakti, by a willingness to know, to dare, to will and keep silent.
What an order!

Keith Price

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