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Copy of: Purity and theosophy

Jul 19, 1996 00:11 AM
by Keith Price

> From:	Keith Price, 74024,3352
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> DATE:	7/13/96 3:51 PM

RE:	Copy of: Purity and theosophy
I cannot find this in my digests.  If it was sent before, I apologize, but I am
changing it anyway.

NutraSweet/Equal/Spoonful are the deadliest toxins in our society because of
their ubiquitous presence in thousands of foods, even children's vitamins,
medicines, Kool Aid and Jell-O and on every restaurant table.  We're dosed
with millions of pounds every year!  This warning should be on every
Aspartame/NutraSweet(/Equal/Spoonful product: CHEMICAL POISON: KEEP OUT OF


I would like to share some thoughts about the  ideas associating purity and
spirituality.  We all know the supposedly Christian motto that "cleanliness is
next to Godliness"  (which, of course, is not in the Bibl)e but Leviticus
focuses on the kosher aspects of being close to God regarding diet and other

I have notices that among theosphists at annual meetings etc there is always a
few people who are obsessed with dietary issues beyond vegetarianism and go into
veganism and even declaring that tomatoes are poison because they are a member
of the deadly nightshade family (which is true).

There seem to be an almost Virgoan preoccupation with purifying matter to make
it more "spiritual", less "dirty".  I am a Virgo and as a child loved to garden.
I remember as a child of about six or so deciding that I was going to have a
perfect garden by washing the dirt to make the dirt  "clean" and "better".  I,
of course, wound up with sand!  Sand is  "clean" and "pure" but absolutely unfit
to grow beautiful flowers in, which was my goal.  By attempting to make it
perfect and pure, I destoryed the life giving properties.

Isn't out unconscious much the same as the earth. Our spirtual soil of
consciousness is fecund with many strange and mysterious properties that enrich
our life and allow spiritual growth far beyond any purity which ultimatly does
not lead to sat-chit-ananda are blissfull oneness with the ALL/ONE but an
EMPTINESS, a DEATH of both matter and spirit.

Thus I again suggest a theme that "the thorn in the side" as with Paul and the
"cup" spoken about by Jesus (take this cup away from me, if it be thy will,
Father) are necessary prods and fertilizer for spiritual progess on our globe,
in this round, ring and manvantara.  Without the descent into matter,  there can
be no spiritual self-consciousness, no lessons of love and hate, pain and bliss,
knowledge and ignorance.

Thus one often hears that CWL is to be dismissed because he was " impure" in his
suggestions to  adolescent  boys.  HPB has been accused of all kind of things
from being a total virgin to a spy, to a lesbian (which I have no idea what to
believe so I leave it up to other like K Paul to keep digging). 

Of course, ethically speaking, we should stive for the most committed and
upright spiritual relationships, but being spiritual beings on a material
journey as BCS states, we are often forced to deal with past life issues as
spiritual, behavioral and often sexual issues in the present incarnation.

Thus almost everyone has issues great and small to work out in various hidden
departments of life (the occult) and behind these negative manifestations lies
the "hand of karma" every guiding us to lessons we really need even if we
certainly don't want them such as poverty, mental illness, physical illness and
even criminality.

I wanted to make clear that my students are adults and I am not attracted to
children nor suggest that this is allowable or acceptable.  But when one thinks
of CWL, I can only feel compassion for the suffering that was caused all around
by his "exposure".

However, that which is exposed is no longer occult, but can face karmic
consequences openly instead of allowing them to build below the surface.  Thus I
would like to suggest that for me, homosexuality has taught me many hard
lessons. Lessons that I would never choose for myself on a conscious level, but
now believe as so glibly stated as choosing our lessons before we are born in
consultation with our MASTERS which we all commune with after death, but only
glimpse and catch snatches of converstations from , usually in dreams and

Wholeness, not purity,  is the goal.  Perfection, it seems, cannot be achieved
by the individual, but is taking place in the PROCESS.   Called or uncalled the
Gods (archetypal complexes expressed overtly and covertly) will be there.  I
know that Alice Bailey openly hated homosexuals (see her bio) and suggested that
they had the most fearful karma to deal with.   Of course, HPB et al came from
the tradition that all sex was less than spiritual and that the goal was
celibacy, as in the dietary abstention from meat.  

Maybe I am focusing on issues such as self denial, responsiblity in
relationships, control of the vehicles which others simply take for granted
because they have dealt with them in past lives or will deal with the in later

Socrates, if I remember, was asked to drink hemlock for misleading his students
politically or emotionally.  I have stated that this is an issue that I messed
up somewhere and am now dealing with it.  I have an unconscious block against
linking with a spiritual leader, because I was mislead by one in a past life or
was the selfish leader who sacrificed group goals for individual fullfillment.
More on this later!

Keith Price

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