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Hello everybody and everyspirit!!

Jul 19, 1996 08:31 PM
by mika perdld

Hi! My name is Mika Perala and I`m a member in the Finnish T.S. 
Ive read your conversations here in theos-l for a month now at work, but 
I haven`t said anything until now that Ive got my own modem at home.

I`m looking forward to exhange ideas and comments with all of you.

Sorry about my english, its getting better.

I`m a 26 six-year old postman and I`ve been a member of TS for 3 years 
now and at this moment Im the librarian in our Helsinki HQ. Quite often 
I wonder why, cause I feel that time has stopped in the TS and the world 
around us evolves and we just do what we have always have done and 
less and less people are interested in our doings. No wonder. Are we 
interested in what the people are doing. Still there`s a huge demand 
among people in things spiritual. 
All right, doctors - what`s the medicine for T.S?


My personal mail can be sent to

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