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Mahatma letters

Jul 19, 1996 07:52 PM
by Paul M.M. Kieniewicz

If the Masters had anything to do with writing the Mahatma letters, why is
it that the science discussed in these letters reflects 19th century ideas,
and is so at odds with present day observations? Were the Mahatmas just bad 
scientists or (more probably) were the letters authored by someone else who
was just echoing the ideas of the day.

1. Atlantis? A very popular 19th century idea. It just doesn't exist. I
challenge anyone to take the latest satellite pictures of the Earth's oceans
and find me Atlantis or where it was in the Eocene or Miocene. One of the
latest ideas is that Atlantis is actually Antartica. That's quite a long way
off - and it didn't submerge in the Miocene.

2. The Earth being heated by meteors? Give me a break.

3. The velocity of light different outside our atmosphere. Again this was a
big 19th century debate, put to rest by Einstein's relativity based on
observations that the speed of light is a constant.

4. The sun is a cold world! No comment.

5. The sun contains a large amount of iron? Again a 19th century idea based
on the observation that the spectral lines of iron found in the sun are
strong. Actually, iron is a very minor element <<< 1%.

And so on. I don't know if what is written in those pages on non-scientific
issues makes any sense. But the scientific passages are painful to read.

Paul K.

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