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Re: Hello everybody and everyspirit!!

Jul 20, 1996 00:54 AM
by Bee Brown

mika perdld wrote:
> Hi! My name is Mika Perala and I`m a member in the Finnish T.S.=20
> I=B4ve read your conversations here in theos-l for a month now at work, b=
> ut=20
> I haven`t said anything until now that I=B4ve got my own modem at home.
> I`m looking forward to exhange ideas and comments with all of you.
> Sorry about my english, it=B4s getting better.
> I`m a 26 six-year old postman and I`ve been a member of TS for 3 years=20
> now and at this moment I=B4m the librarian in our Helsinki HQ. Quite ofte=
> n=20
> I wonder why, cause I feel that time has stopped in the TS and the world=20
> around us evolves and we just do what we have always have done and=20
> less and less people are interested in our doings. No wonder. Are we=20
> interested in what the people are doing. Still there`s a huge demand=20
> among people in things spiritual.=20
> All right, doctors - what`s the medicine for T.S?
> Mika
> My personal mail can be sent to

Hi Mika,
A very good question and I too wish I could think of an answer. At least your 
 HQ has a 26 year old doing something which is more than the Lodge I am 
president off. I am 55 and there are 2 members younger than me. I am 
beginning to get the feeling that TS needs to develop a method of spiritual 
practice from the teachings and teach a practical way of treading the path 
that can cover the beginner thru to the more esoteric stuff. I have visits in 
the library from one or two young people who want to discuss this sort of 
thing and I have decided to do what I can and just today I gave some advice 
that I picked up in a Rosicrucian book by Max Heindel. I did think it ironic 
to sit in a TS library and pass on Rosicrucian methods. They come to TS to 
get some guidance of a practical sort and find that there isn't a 'TS yoga' 
or something similar. They move on to somewhere that has this, be it good, 
bad or indifferent, it seems to give them the feeling that they are doing 
something towards their own spiritual growth. I doubt that the NZ HQ would 
approve of my sentiments but I am concerned for these folk that come asking 
and I have no real TS answer for them apart from suggesting a book or else 
doing it my way which isn't guaranteed to be the answer either but I figure I 
am at least trying.

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