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Voices of the Silence on-line

Jul 19, 1996 09:41 PM
by John E. Mead

hi -

Thanks to Jim Meier the Voice of the Silence is now available
in ascii to THEOS-L subscribers (and anyone else).

to retrieve it send an e-mail messahe to
containing the lines:

get theos-L vos.txt
get theos-L vosglos.txt

you will receive in your e-mail the VOS as well as the Glossary.
I want to really thank Jim Meier for his valuable help!!

peace -

john e. mead

p.s. send any errors to myself at

John E. Mead
Theos-L etc. list-owner
Member of Theosophical Society in America
Member of Theosophy International
[Physics is impossible without imaginary numbers]
[Mathematics is impossible without consciousness]

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