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Re: Convention Day 2

Jul 15, 1996 07:04 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

>I'm still alive!!!!

Me, too!!  Since I was in an auto accident on the way back from Olcott, I can
say that with even more fervor.

Someone suggested I write a report on the Annual Meeting.  Since I was only
there for Radha's Sunday morning lecture, it might be quite short.  No time this
year to play at Olcott.  

>The TSA is not merely getting a web page up, it is getting it's own domain . .

I knew this about this stuff months ago, but was pledged to secrecy.  You see,
folks, I've been in a kind of bind here.  I had friends at the LCC who were also
involved with Olcott, so I often road the fence.  Not a comfortable place to be.
But now I can open my mouth a little wider.  For those of you who have wished
the LCC extinct, you are close to getting your wish here in Chicago.    

>They are also trying to put together a moderated (read censored) newsgroup and
>that is probably why they are tre pissed at Uncle Chuckie because I sort of
>started an unmoderated one and we all know which is going to get more traffic.

Is yours called alt.heretic? How would I access it?  I know I was briefly on the
list that is managed by Eldon, till I came home to theos-l.  No one was talking
on Eldon's list.

IMO, there are two extremes in managing a list.  There's the totally free list,
where anyone can post anything.  Problem is, one or more posters can take over a
list and make nasty netiquette errors that irk everyone.  Needs someone to slap
their knuckles with a cyber-ruler once in a while or threaten "unsubscribe" if
things really get out of hand.

OTH, the censored list will have only those *select* and *proper* posters being
admitted to the list.  (snore)

>They are keeping the Quest going. . .  Oh well, I
>can still line the cat box.


- Ann E. Bermingham

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