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Re: [Fwd: MMNewsletter for Woden's Day, 7/10/96]

Jul 15, 1996 07:11 AM
by Michael W. Grenier

Bee Brown wrote:
> To anyone who feels that this is not a theos thing, I apologise for this
> posting but I thought some might be interested in the goings on out
> there in the big wide world. There are some mighty problems looming at
> the end of this millenium.

> UNITED STATES -- Fueled by drought, firefighters in Arizona, 
> California, Colorado, Idaho, Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico, 
> and Utah, battled brush and woodland fires in the worst 
> summer wildfire season in memory -- three times normal. 

Since I've lived in Minnesota my whole life and this seems to be
one of the best weather years I can remember, I question the
source of some of this material. I've not heard of any fires
and my lawn and trees are as green as can be.


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