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convention day 2

Jul 14, 1996 04:48 AM
by Drpsionic

I'm still alive!!!!
Yes, I'm just as amazed as the rest of you, but John hasn't tried to kill me
yet.  He just sort of ignores me like a petulant child.  Or maybe he just has
a lot on his mind.  Anyway, I have some good news and some terrible news.
 First the good news.
The TSA is not merely getting a web page up, it is getting it's own domain,
so it will be able to ultimately do all kinds of kool stuff with its web site
but first they have to solve a little problem.  Reuben says they can view the
page on netscape but not on other browsers, so if anyone has a solution,
please e-mail him.  They are also trying to put together a moderated (read
censored) newsgroup and that is probably why they are tre pissed at Uncle
Chuckie because I sort of started an unmoderated one and we all know which is
going to get more traffic.
I feel sorry for the poor fool who gets stuck with the moderator job.  He
will go nuts very quickly.
Now for the real very bad terrible horrible news.
They are keeping the Quest going, which means that we will be blessed with
more brainless blather from the great fool Andrew Harvey, the
incomprehensible wordiness of Ken Wilbur, and the continuing lunatic ravings
of Georg Feurstein, along with assorted has-beens and new agers who have been
blessed with more degrees than sense that that rag is noted for.  Oh well, I
can still line the cat box.
I was actually able to eat supper in the dining room tonight.  I know I pick
on Bobbie Jo a lot, but her lasagna is actually good, for vegetarian stuff.
More tomorrow.

Chuck the Heretic

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