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Re: convention day 2

Jul 14, 1996 06:21 AM
by m.k. ramadoss

On Sun, 14 Jul 1996 wrote:

> The TSA is not merely getting a web page up, it is getting it's own domain,

	When? Last time I checked, the domain was not registered yet. 
Domain registration is very simple and costs $100 fee for two years.

> so it will be able to ultimately do all kinds of kool stuff with its web site
> but first they have to solve a little problem.  Reuben says they can view the
> page on netscape but not on other browsers, so if anyone has a solution,
> please e-mail him.  They are also trying to put together a moderated (read
> censored) newsgroup and that is probably why they are tre pissed at Uncle
> Chuckie because I sort of started an unmoderated one and we all know which is
> going to get more traffic.

	Some years ago, Krishnamurti Foundation tried a moderated list 
and it was a flop. The one that is active now is an unmoderated and the 
owner is seen nowhere - lurking very deep - like John Mead here. This is 
what works. I wish good luck.

	The problem that Ruben has should be solvable with a simple phone 
consultation with one of the professionals, which of course would cost 
some money. It is a trade off between time and money. Of course he will 
be able to finally figure it out given enough time.

> I feel sorry for the poor fool who gets stuck with the moderator job.  He
> will go nuts very quickly.

	It would be interesting to find out who the willing victim is. 

> Now for the real very bad terrible horrible news.
> They are keeping the Quest going, which means that we will be blessed with

	When Dorothy was the President, I suggested that they not send me 
the Quest because it straight goes to the trash can. My annual dues 
could be reduced and I will donate the savings to my local lodge for its 

MK Ramadoss

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