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Re: Convention Day 2

Jul 15, 1996 11:45 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

MK Ramadoss:
>> The TSA is not merely getting a web page up, it is getting it's own domain,

>When? Last time I checked, the domain was not registered yet. 
>Domain registration is very simple and costs $100 fee for two years.

Has the price gone down?  My husband, the computer guru, tells me that they
usually cost $200, but it varies with the type of license.

> . . . so it will be able to ultimately do all kinds of kool stuff with its web
> but first they have to solve a little problem.  Reuben says they can view the
> page on netscape but not on other browsers, so if anyone has a solution,
> please e-mail him. 

My hubby also sez that at one time Netscape was thought to be the ONLY browser
that anyone one would want to use, so things were often set up this way.
>The problem that Ruben has should be solvable with a simple phone 
>consultation with one of the professionals, which of course would cost 
>some money. It is a trade off between time and money. Of course he will 
>be able to finally figure it out given enough time.

Or have the right person do it for free.

- Ann E. Bermingham


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