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Re: Convention Day 2

Jul 15, 1996 01:42 PM
by m.k. ramadoss

On Mon, 15 Jul 1996, Ann E. Bermingham wrote:

> MK Ramadoss:
> >> The TSA is not merely getting a web page up, it is getting it's own domain,
> >When? Last time I checked, the domain was not registered yet. 
> >Domain registration is very simple and costs $100 fee for two years.
> Has the price gone down?  My husband, the computer guru, tells me that they
> usually cost $200, but it varies with the type of license.

	It used to be free till early this year when the fee of $50 per 
year was imposed. Some ISPs charge anywhere from $25 to $100 for handling 
the registration which could be handled directly if one has the time and 

> > . . . so it will be able to ultimately do all kinds of kool stuff with its web
> site
> > but first they have to solve a little problem.  Reuben says they can view the
> > page on netscape but not on other browsers, so if anyone has a solution,
> > please e-mail him. 
> My hubby also sez that at one time Netscape was thought to be the ONLY browser
> that anyone one would want to use, so things were often set up this way.
> >The problem that Ruben has should be solvable with a simple phone 
> >consultation with one of the professionals, which of course would cost 
> >some money. It is a trade off between time and money. Of course he will 
> >be able to finally figure it out given enough time.
> Or have the right person do it for free.
	Yes, if you can find one.

> - Ann E. Bermingham

MK Ramadoss

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