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Re: More on the Energy (update)

Jul 13, 1996 02:12 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, Shaman
<> writes
>I went on a bit further with it...and got even more information. It
>used the term "genius loci" which is something I was not familiar
>with before. I looked it up in the dictionary and discovered that it
>means "a spirit that watches over a place." I find it significant
>that I didn't know the term before. 
>I am still not *really* clear on what I can do to help this "thing" --
>this "energy" -- but I am open to finding out and possibly even
>"doing" "it" -- whatever "it" is. The energy isn't desperate or
>clingy...just trying to communicate. 
>Does this sound familiar to anyone -- or is it just more evidence
>that I should be staying off the aspertame? 

I doubt if it's the aspartame :-) (UK labelling states "contains

I have had this kind of thing in the past, ie., info I definitely had to
look up to verify, and then found it to be correct.

You say the "energy" is trying to communicate.  The experiences I have
had have always been the other way - ie, my trying to communicate with a
source of information of a non-physical kind.  I once got around 20+
bible quotes, all from different parts of the same book - and every
single one was relevant to my study!

Anyhow, is it possible that in your personal "quest" you have made a
contact that you need, rather than the other way around?

Just a thought ...

Best wishes,

Alan (ex-aspartame user as from now) - thanks Doss!
Ancient Wisdom for a New Age

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